ProSpace+ & FCI donate a Rover Table to Grand Mesa Middle School!

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January 28, 2021
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ProSpace+ & FCI donate a Rover Table to Grand Mesa Middle School!

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At the 2021 District 51 White Iced Fundraiser, ProSpace+ teamed with Haskell Education to donate a Maker Space Rover Table to the school district. The winning bid for underwriting the item went to FCI Constructors, who has chosen to donate it to Grand Mesa Middle School. Grand Mesa Middle School is currently in the process of building up their Maker Space in their library and ProSpace+ is excited to have been a part of this exciting donation to their space!

For more information on this donation, see the District 51 press release here:

About The Rover Table

As the makerspace movement continues to become a powerful part of many school curriculums, The Rover Table from Haskell Education, provides an ideal solution. With schools repurposing classrooms, renovating computer labs, and retooling media centers to accommodate the tools required for these creative spaces, the easily transportable Rover table works well whether a school has a dedicated makerspace or not. With an open frame design that accommodates 6 stacking stools, integrated power, and a top that easily lifts and retracts to fit through a standard 30″ doorway, the Rover Table removes the limitations that mobile makerspaces have had in the past.



Other Innovative Educational Products from Haskell:

The Think Nook

Academic success goes hand in hand with social and emotional learning. As such, the emerging design criteria for today’s collaborative classroom should contain a multitude of tools designed to help teachers build their students strengths, enhance their learning styles and support healthy transitions between group work and individualized learning. The Explorer Series Think Nook is the perfect solution for students who need quiet time to think, read or simply recharge.

The Think Nook works as a comfortable space for one or two students to sit and collaborate as a team or provides for a more personal “me” space. The upholstered seat, back and ceiling of the Think Nook help create a quiet and reflective enclave separate from the more collaborative parts of todays busy classroom. Convenient cubby storage space below the seat combined with a duplex outlet for charging of devices make this the perfect solution for all types of learning environments. For increased versatility, the Think Nook comes standard with a white board surface on the back of the unit. Because the entire case is of metal construction magnetic markers and erasers can easily be attached for quick access. Equipped with heavy duty casters, the entire unit can easily be oriented so that the back side can serve as an ideation space for small groups or individual problem solving.


Ethos Seating

With active learning, students engage with ideas — and each other — in meaningful ways. Activities like problem-solving, group discussions and quiet study cater to every learning style and, ultimately, the understanding and retention of class concepts. Active learning requires a dynamic classroom where the physical environment responds to the curriculum, and the right seating, like the Ethos Series from Haskell Education, serves as a teaching assistant. More than a chair, the agile storage-base plus classic seat shell design of the Ethos Series seamlessly transitions between lecture, collaborative and group teaching modes so the class stays focused on what really matters: education.

The Ethos Series simplifies a “Think-Pair-Share” lesson plan. Blending flexibility (like 360-degree swiveling capability and an ambidextrous worksurface arm) with mobility and personal storage, the all-in-one seating unit efficiently switches between lecture, collaborative and group modes to foster active learning in the classroom


For more information on these and other innovative educational products, check out, or contact ProSpace+ for details!