Ergonomic Furniture – The Fit Between User, Equipment & Environment

Ergonomics takes account of the individual worker’s capabilities and limitations to ensure tasks, functions, information and the environment suit each user. Whether you’re starting from scratch with an entirely new workplace plan, just purchasing a few new pieces or upgrading existing equipment the ProSpace+ Team is specially trained to analyze clients’ workspace for that individual fit – stock or customized ergonomic furniture.

A minuscule adjustment to chair, keyboard and mouse trays, lighting or monitor can mean the difference between healthy limbs, back and eye damage. Plus the ProSpace+ team is constantly seeking out new ergonomic furniture innovations such as the increasing use of sit or stand workstations or modifying existing stations to have that capability.

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Certified Ergonomics Evaluator


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Certified Ergonomics Evaluator


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Ergonomically Optimized Desk Chairs

Anyone who spends time using a computer workstation will appreciate the importance of an ergonomic space.

Making even small adjustments in the position of a keyboard or monitor or using an ergonomic footrest can make a big difference in reducing pain or eye strain.

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Ergonomic office chairs
Ergonomic office chairs
Ergonomic office chairs